Two Distinctive Artists Featured at Movin’ On Gallery

The Present by Florence Johns

Hillside Sedona’s Movin’ On Gallery has always been noted for introducing unusual and original forms of art to the Verde Valley, and the two artists featured during April are an excellent case in point.

Guest artist Florence Johns creates exquisite, convoluted, and delicately colored fabric sculptures, mounted on a canvas base, unlike anything previously seen in the area.

The public is cordially invited to meet both artists and see their latest creations at Movin’ On’s First Friday reception, 5-8PM on the evening April 1, 2016.  Many of the venue’s other resident artists will be on hand to host the evening and greet their fans and visitors.

The Primary Color Is Love by Florence Johns

Florence Johns is originally from Miami, but has lived in the Sedona area for over 25 years.  She finds this to be the ideal place in which to work.  The creative energy that she channels into her fabric sculptures has its source, she feels, in The Divine.

“I believe that when I purposefully settle in with the Creator in a framework of space and time, I receive an inspiration for the spirit of a new work to be designed,” she observes.  Thus begins the process that leads to an addition to her remarkable collection of stately, graceful pieces.

Her unique sculptures float the delicate curves and textures of fine fabrics above a background of canvas, ribbon, and colored fragments.  “Each sculpture allows for freedom of interpretation, with layering, folds, and forms to ponder and wander through,” she says.


Movin’ On Gallery is located on the second level of Hillside Sedona Center at 671 State Route 179 (about ½ mile south of the “Y” in Sedona).  It is dedicated to introducing new artists and to showing recent works by some of the best-known artists working in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

Movin’ On currently features  an impressive array of resident artists, including: Lorraine Fexas, glass; Andre Renard, copper & brass sculptures; Pat Priolo, gourds & jewelry; Sharon Hall, clay sculptures; Grace Sky Martinez, spiritual and Native American art; Mary Ratner, photography; Jodie Ball, oils; Patty Miller, pastels and mixed media; Harriet McInnis, oils; Helen McLuckie, oil pastels; Terry Davis, wood carving; David Soto, recycled material sculptures; Teree Settembrino, wind chimes; Rick Gandolofo, acrylics; Carol Gandlofo, photography; Jim Peterson, photography; and Sandee Kinnen, fused Glass.

The gallery is open from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM daily.  For more information, call (928) 282-8143 or visit  .